Save time and create an impression with ease with Coast to Coast Barnwood’s resawn wood. Our resawn wood is 100% authentic reclaimed barn wood split and cut into straight boards to create a simple, easy to install barn wood siding. Available in tobacco greys, rustic browns, traditional reds, distressed whites, and more.

Authentic barn wood isn’t always straight or flat right after being reclaimed. The same age and weather that create its character also add variations in shape that need to be dealt with to apply it to a flat surface like a wall. To save our customers time and money during installation, we have our wood professionally milled into a consistent, easy to install product that still has all the character they are looking for. Our authentic barn wood resawn wall board is straight-lined and planned to make install a snap. We plane each piece to approximately 3/8” thick, give or take a 1/16th of an inch, to offer a consistent easy barn wood siding to install. Coast to Coast Barnwood’s resawn wood is an easy way to create a long-lasting, impressionable feature in any home interior project.

Re-Sawn Wood

Historic Colors
Our resawn barn wood comes from the same barn wood we sell as siding, so it is available in the same variety of historic colors. What’s the popular look? By far, the “Grey and Brown” combination is in such demand that we constantly blend Tobacco Grey and Brown reclaimed boards to make sure we have the look our customers want in stock. Of course, we also reclaim wood from red barns, white barns, black barns, and others so we have those available as well alone or to mix and match.

Totally Unique Character
Every piece of barn wood we sell is totally unique. With centuries of unique sun, wind, rain, and weathering, every piece of reclaimed barn wood develops its own unique patina. That historic character and variability creates the charm of barn wood. We start with that high character wood and cut and mill easy-to-install straight boards. Mix and match widths to create a unique, random pattern, or create a consistent look and feel by using all the same width boards.