Coast to Coast Barnwood offers authentic reclaimed siding.

Our eco-friendly reclaimed siding has natural weathering, deep grain, and characteristics that only history can create. Each board has a unique look ensuring your project will be one of a kind.

The limestone rich Appalachian Mountain range and the mineral rich streams fed by the Ohio River produced uniquely consistent old growth wood. The barns built by early settlers in this area from this wood provide us with a great source of uniquely consistent reclaimed barn wood product. Their original craftsmanship and our 30 years of expertise in reclamation and distribution ensure that whether the original tree was a giant old straight oak or a towering green poplar the wood can find use today.


Re-Sawn Wood

Weathered Grey
Grey Tobacco barn siding carries the historic colors of original barns weathered by centuries of wind, sun, and rain. Sherwin-Williams® Grey got nothing on Mother Nature and Father Time. This duo creates a color that’s often replicated, never duplicated. Our reclaimed siding features the unique, authentic patina created only by centuries of history and weathering. 

Rustic Brown Barn Wood Siding

Rustic Brown
How now Brown cow! Our brown reclaimed woods comes straight from the floors and interiors of historic animal, textile and agricultural barns. This wood is a variety of species and does have some colors. These boards carry on the characteristic of history throughout.

White Barn Wood siding

Historic Color
During colonial times, barns and buildings were coated with whitewash or lime paint to prevent mildew. The historic rust red color of iron oxide is reflected in the red color many people still choose for their barns today. The black color of traditional Kentucky tobacco barns raised the temperature inside to aid the curing of tobacco. Even today, many modern Kentucky barns are painted black out of tradition. 

Authentic Barn Wood Siding

Reclaimed siding is sold as Thick and Thin. No one used a tape measure back then. Our Thin siding can be from 5/8” and up and Thick siding starts at 3/4”. The siding comes by the piece or the pallet and can range from 4ft to 15 ft long. Contact us for any sizes you need.